Monday, 22 May 2017

life, week 19

pre bedtime coloring date

garden status, early May

is #HSOTD - healthy snack of the day - a thing? // to make up for epic #iquitsweettreats fail

Kudos to Sølve for remembering to put the flag up for May 8, Victory in Europe Day (Frigjøringsdagen - liberation day - in Norwegian). Oh the duties of a flag pole owner.

grading, grading, grading // takk for motivasjonslistetipset @plutomickey #thelifeofateacher

Enjoying the fleeting beauty of a blooming tree and 8:30 pm sunlight.

- - -

Week 19: May 8-14

Sunday, 21 May 2017

a weekend in Amsterdam

Things I will remember from this weekend in Amsterdam with my girlfriends: The idyll of the tree lined canals and the houseboats, all the bikes, wine and nibblies in the lush green backyard of our Airbnb apartment, a green juice from The Cold Pressed Juicery and the expression on M's face when she tasted it (to say she didn't like it would be an understatement), brunch at Lunchroom Wilhelmina after a morning at the Van Gogh museum, bitterballen and bubbly, wisteria climbing on houses and hanging plants at Wildernis, my new black leather tote bag from Things I like things I love and other cool bags from Property of..., the egg and bacon "hamburger" at the place I don't remember the name of at Schipol airport, strolling the streets and people watching, sun and t-shirt weather after heavy rain showers, sun prints on a yellow wall, kelim cushions and other beauties in a cool store that I have forgotten the name of in Jordaan, shopping at COS (which we don't have in Stavanger yet) and discovering & Other Stories, eating dinner at Rakang Thai restaurant and Indonesian take-out for the Eurovision Song Contest.

I'm already looking forward to our next girls' trip and another visit to Amsterdam!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

life, week 18

"Nam, nam, nam." // I took a similar photo of Sara when she was the same age. So sweet!

screw you guys, I'm going home // ready or not, the exam is tomorrow

The reward after spending too many hours at the university reading room: a husband who makes dinner (and is super happy that the bbq season is on).

• exam - check! 
• sudden summer temperatures - check! 
• first al fresco dinner of the season - check! 
• played outside until bedtime - check!

Supper and bedtime reading out on the terrace. This is what we long for during the grey, cold and wet winter months.

Today's beautiful hike...

...took a much more dramatic turn than we ever could have expected. Luckily no one got hurt and the fire is out. #dalsnuten #opptur2017 #opptur #stavangerturistforening

On her wish list: a tree house

Such a cliché spring photo, but it has to be taken. Because blue skies and plum tree blossoms in my garden make me smile.

afternoons like this

enough said // it only lasted for five minutes though

pre bedtime play date

kitchen still life at 9:40 pm

this // *all the heart eyes emojis*

Sunday evening lunch prep // Monday morning me will thank Sunday evening me for this gesture

- - - 

Week 18: May 1-7

Friday, 19 May 2017

things I like lately

Of course I had to have my (dorky) picture taken in front of this shop in Amsterdam - which indeed is one of the things I like lately.

- a weekend in beautiful Amsterdam with six of my girlfriends
- drinking (a little too much) bubbly with said girlfriends
- so inspired by the elegant style of pretty much all cyclists in Amsterdam - no head-to-toe practical all-weather outfits like we Norwegians tend to wear
- Dutch bikes, like this one (the crate in the front is a must have!) or this - on my wish list (will adopt said elegant style too - at least on sunny days...)
- being introduced to this cool concept store in Amsterdam - Wildernis - and being inspired to get more green plants and hang them
- continuing to update my wardrobe - mostly at COS
- making a big batch of tomato sauce and freeze half of it for future dinners
- seeing Sverre frolic around in the garden naked for the first time - oh the joy
- remembering to moisturise my feet, especially my heels, before bedtime - to make them ready for sandal season
- buying Sara's school backpack and matching pencil case - I can't believe she's soon a school girl!
- hanging out with our friends on Constitution day and the day before - so nice to catch up!
- blog comments that make my day and convince me to keep on blogging - even though there is little time left to prioritise it lately - hence this unplanned two weeks break
- de 10 viktigste tingene
- Mariell's shop!
- how to be a mom in 2017

- - -

Things I like lately

- being a tourist pedestrian in Amsterdam - there were quite a few close encounters with busy biking locals...
- so. much. work.

Friday, 5 May 2017

things I like lately

plum tree blossoms // from last year's a roll of film a month project - which reminds me I still haven't posted the December roll - will wait a few months until winter and Christmas photos feel more relevant again // Kodak Ektar 100, Minolta SRT 101

- finished my exam on Tuesday *praise hands*
- amazing sunny, warm weather all week
- our plum tree has just started blooming; and so have the tulips
- our garden in general - such a lovely place to hang out
- the blooming magnolia tree I pass on my way to work - sooo pretty!
- ice cream - because sun and not being fanatic about this
- A Veganuary Conversation - looks SO beautiful! more about the project here
- this photo
- The Fifth Trimester - a.k.a. going back to work post-baby
- CSA Box Strategies + a Farmhouse Salad
- got my copy of Green Kitchen at Home today - it's gorgeous!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- trying to find the energy and motivation to grade heaps of student papers


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